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Hello my wild creatures,


I am very happy to announce this update: we have improved the Online Store so that everything is nicer, you can find everything faster and improve your experience in the Store.


I am so excited about this that I am going to launch an exclusive Discount Code to give you back the trust that at some point you have placed in the project of El dios de los tres: FREE SHIPPING.


Just type the coupon ENVIOGRATIS where coupons are typed :)  It will add a 5€ discount to your order.

The coupon is valid for orders over €45. It is an exclusive offer limited to those like you, who trusted the work of independent artists like me.


I will also send an extra item with your purschase order if you help me to find any bugs on the new site.

Please contact me ASAP to report the bug via the "Contacto" tab and we will add an extra item to your order.


Third announcement: we will broadcast a Live Market shortly from Instagram. Do not miss it!

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